March 4, 2012

SO LAST NIGHT I WAS PRETTY HARD ON ROBERT WRIGHT, calling him a “schmuck” for this post on Andrew Breitbart. Well, it was a schmucky post — where liberals are always “passionate about injustice,” people on the right are characterized as “hostile,” “rage-filled” or “angry,” and Wright’s post follows in this tradition in the course of making a not-very-interesting and not-very-well-supported point.

But on reflection, one schmucky post doesn’t a schmuck make. Sooner or later, every blogger will make a schmucky post, so taking a contrary view would make us all schmucks or schmucks-to-be. But I’ve known Wright for years and in truth have not found him to be a schmuck. So I’ll retract my characterization of Wright, which on sober reflection seems unfair, though not my views on the post, which really was a stinker.

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