February 27, 2012

HEY, I’D VOTE FOR HIM: Clarence Thomas For President? It’s time this country elected a black man to the White House! And it’s hard to argue with this: “Thomas has worked at the highest levels of government for over two decades, far longer than the single-term senator from Illinois who currently occupies the White House.”

It’s not true that he’d have to resign from the Court to run, though. Senators don’t resign from the Senate to run for President. He might miss some Court business while running, but not that much, and it’s not like Senators don’t miss Senate business when running. (Just look at Barack Obama’s Senate career). So why resign? In fact, for real fun, it’s not even clear that he’d have to resign from the Court if elected — the incompatibility clause only bars members of Congress from serving in the executive branch, with no similar bar to members of the judiciary.

UPDATE: Boy, a lot of nasty comments about Clarence Thomas over at the Daily Beast. It’s a good thing he’s a Republican, or they’d be racist.

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