February 24, 2012

VERY FUNNY, BUT HE’D NEVER DO ANYTHING LIKE THAT TO MUSLIMS: Stephen Colbert Tackles Posthumous Mormon Baptisms By Converting All The Dead Mormons To Judaism.

Because, you know, like most of our political “comedians,” he’s a cowardly partisan hack. I think, however, that all of this anti-Mormon bigotry from the “forces of tolerance” will backfire.

And if I’m wrong, Stephen, maybe you’ll do the “Zombie Mohammed” thing.

UPDATE: Reader Dustin F writes: “If Colbert did a Zombie Mohammed sketch, Comedy Central wouldn’t even air it anyway, given their censorship of South Park. These folks have zero credibility on the subject of tolerating offense, since Comedy Central’s compliance with threats is a major example of allowing terrorism to work.”

My advice to Mormons and others: If you want respect, behead a few people. It won’t take much violence, as long as the threat is credible. Though it helps if they see you as an enemy of Western civilization. Then they’ll enjoy being intimidated.

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