February 22, 2012

CHANGE: Florida Drivers Shelling Out Nearly $6 A Gallon At Some Gas Stations.

UPDATE: Rachel Pereira writes:

Lake Buena Vista = Disney. Of course gas is more expensive there. It always is.

And the Suncoast station is right next to the airport. It is regularly $2 higher than anywhere else in Orlando.

A mile up the road from that Suncoast station, I saw gas last night for $3.69 at Mobile and $3.69 at RaceTrack.

I drove a 10 mile section of that road last night. Gas prices ranged $3.79 down to $3.62 (at a citgo – I won’t pay for citgo).

I saw gas this morning for $3.64, again at a citgo. I paid $3.69 this morning at a Shell.

Yes, we’re high. But not (yet) $6 high… except in the “screw you tourists” sections.

I hate those.

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