February 20, 2012


Did White House Advisers Raise Red Flags On Solyndra As Early As March 2010?

Another sex scandal in the public schools. If priest-and-preacher scandals say something about organized religion, do these scandals say something about public education?

The importance of Vitamin D.

Is the U.S. government scaring Web businesses out of the country?

Republicans are stealing your ladyparts!!!

All Your Children Are Belong To Us.

Obama is trailing Ron Paul in Iowa. “The president defeats only Newt Gingrich, 51 percent to 37 percent.” So, you know, the strength of the Democratic field is probably overstated. . . .

From Mike Rappaport, thoughts on libertarians and conservatives.

Tom Maguire Fact-Checks Charles Blow, and finds Blow wanting.

Thoughts on Higher Education and the Replication of Hierarchy.

Despite earlier representations, Transportation Department still pushing ban on electronic devices in cars.

Gas Prices Highest Ever For This Time of Year.

Heartland Memo Looking Faker By The Minute.

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