February 13, 2012


Hope, Change, and Shortages of Critical Medications.

Osama bin Laden gave up on Jihad.

Ray Nagin under investigation for corruption.

Mia Love: Conventional Wisdom Says I Don’t Exist. She’s got a campaign website.

Promoting domestic violence on nationwide TV.

Covered Up: Sex Abuse At BBC.

Gawker Media criticized for gang-rape video.

College Student Suspended for Writing About Being Attracted to Professor.

Is your cat making you crazy?

Open your mouth, and you’re dead.

Moody’s May Downgrade Law Schools’ Credit Rating.

Elizabeth Price Foley’s Tea Party book is out. Endorsed by George Will, Ron Paul, and me, among others.

The ups and downs of laser sights.

Clive Crook: U.S. Taxes Are Actually Unusually Progressive.

Investigation Reveals Close Coordination Between White House, News Organizations, and Media Matters. Plus, David Brock’s erratic behavior and gun-toting “bodyguard.”

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