February 7, 2012

WALTER RUSSELL MEAD: Turning Up The Heat In Gibraltar. “With British-Argentine tensions escalating in the South Atlantic over the barren Falkland Islands, many observers, Via Meadia included, have predicted a similar confrontation over Gibraltar, Britain’s other controversial possession. Now this very scenario appears to be playing out, as Gibraltar’s new Chief Minister had scarcely ascended to his chair when Spain intensified its claim to the tiny peninsula—which, like the Falklands, happens to be full of people happy to remain British citizens. . . . Many may be surprised by the sudden interest in a centuries-old dispute between (mostly) friendly countries, but the timing is hardly surprising. Indeed, both David Cameron and Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy have much to gain from the conflict, which promises to distract from faltering economies and stubborn high unemployment (youth unemployment in Spain recently topped 50 percent).”

Hmm. What issue might our government use as a similar distraction?

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