January 31, 2012

ROGER SIMON: Why Gingrich Lost Big And What’s Next. “After his solid victory in South Carolina, Gingrich did not continue the obvious strategy that got him there – running against Barack Obama by presenting himself to Republican voters as the great orator and thinker who could bring down the noxious incumbent, the man who rose above internecine intra-party squabbles for the greater good of his country. Instead, he did the exact opposite. He spent the balance of his time in Florida running against Romney when he had already beaten the former governor in South Carolina. Talk about dumb. Newt let his personal antipathy overwhelm his good sense. He played defense about the picayune and the irrelevant when he should have played offense on the philosophical and substantial.”

Plus, sore loser Newt. Yep. Newt’s intellect and speaking skill are his strong points. His ego is his weak point.

More thoughts on speeches, and some criticism of Romney’s, from Ira Stoll. “Please, folks, remember, if voters are looking for an anti-Wall Street candidate who is going to divide Americans by pitting them against the financial industry, there already is such a candidate. His name is Barack Obama. It’s not constructive. It’s verging on dispiriting.”

UPDATE: Alexis Garcia: This Race Isn’t Over.

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