January 24, 2012

A SOTU THOUGHT FOR THE GOP, FROM READER JODY GREEN, given that we’ve now gone 1000 days without a budget: “I think they should all wear a 1,000 Days pin on their suits tonight. That would force the MSM to report the issue.”

UPDATE: Reader Kevin Rennells writes: “I’d like to see the Republican delegation all wear their loudest, most outrageous golf attire.” Heh.

ANOTHER UPDATE: The Hill: Republicans sport ‘1000 days’ button to highlight Senate’s budget failure. But what about the golf pants?

MORE: Keli Carender emails:

I’m on the hill today, visiting with Congressman, and we are finding that many of the GOP members are saying, “It’s against House rules to wear the ‘1000 days’ buttons at the SOTU tonight…”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it “against the rules” to not pass a freaking budget for 1000 days???

Tell people to call their GOP Reps and Sens and tell them show some brass and wear the danged buttons tonight. And the establishment wonders why people are gravitating toward Newt. They want elected officials who want to fight, and if the political class can’t even get up the nerve to wear a button, how are they going to reform entitlements, reform the tax code, or cut any spending?

Is it against the rules to wear golf pants? Anyway, watch your Rep. tonight and see what he/she is wearing. (Bumped).

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