January 23, 2012


Former Obama Staffer in Identity-Theft Scam Aimed At Discrediting Republican Secretary of State in Iowa. Mark Tapscott thinks this story might be bigger than the South Carolina primary. John Hinderaker says it’s not just a dirty trick, but a crime.

Bill Maher, Yes-Man for Big Entertainment.

Coming to Nevada: “The Ritz-Carlton of Brothels.”

As Price Of Oil Surges, Many Shiver.

Congressional Research Service Report: Congress Can Require Keystone Pipeline Approval.

Labor Union Quits Alliance With Greens Over Keystone Pipeline.

EPA-Caused Refinery Closing Will Lead To Higher Gas Prices for East Coast.

Electric-Car Parking Spots: A Subsidy For The 1%?

Blog Comment of the Day: “I remember during the last Administration when the operative MSM narrative was that Bush DOJ was ‘completely politicized.’ Now we have important DOJ officials taking the Fifth. More hope and change, I guess.”

The Hill: Consumer Group Accuses Hollywood Of Threatening Politicians.

Zombies are so last year.

A newspaper profile of Robert Bidinotto and the success of his new novel, Hunter.

Also, in the Wall Street Journal, a very nice review of Austin Bay’s book on Kemal Ataturk.

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