January 13, 2012

JOHN GALT WAS UNAVAILABLE FOR COMMENT: Nearly 1 Million Workers Vanished Under Obama.

UPDATE: Reader Matthew Tanner writes:

And to think I almost didn’t click through: That “1 million workers vanish” is one of the most astonishing things I hope to see this year, particularly the bar graph comparing this “recovery” with all others in recent decades. Everyone should see that graph, and Mitt Romney ought to carry a copy in his pocket for frequent display.

And by the way, I’m not sure many of the missing have “gone Galt.” (I wish.) More likely they’ve given up all hope, and are not leading very fulfilling lives.

Sadly, that’s probably right. And here’s the graphic, though you should still click through and read the whole thing.

I would suggest that perhaps the reason why this recovery isn’t like the last 9 recoveries is that it’s not a recovery at all. It’s a leaky tire into which Obama and the Fed have been pumping air, in the form of vast amounts of poorly-founded debt.

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