November 29, 2011

AT ZEROHEDGE, A POST ON THE FUTURE OF JOBS. Key bit: “The U.S. economy has bifurcated into a two-tiered regulatory structure. Politically powerful industries such as finance, education, health care, oil/natural gas, and defense benefit from either loophole-riddled regulation or regulation that effectively erects walls that limit smaller competitors from challenging the dominant players. Enterprises outside this politically protected circle are treated as adversaries by state and local government regulatory agencies.”

Plus this: “Delegitimization. The politically protected industries of government, education, health care, and national security are increasingly viewed as needlessly costly, top-heavy, inefficient, or failing. Supporting them with ever-increasing debt is widely viewed as irresponsible. Cultural faith in large-scale institutions as ‘solutions’ is eroding, as is the confidence that a four-year college education is a key to financial security.”

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