November 14, 2011


But I stand by what I told her in 1998.

Interestingly, her 1998 oped doesn’t seem to be on the NYT’s site. Reader Howard Isaacs writes: “You wrote comments about feminist double standards regarding a piece that MacKinnon published on March 5, 1998 in the NY Times. Your published letter is easily found. I can’t imagine why not, but no matter how I search, that MacKinnon piece cannot be found on the Times’ site.” Yeah, I can’t find it either, whether searching for “Catharine Mackinnon” or “Catharine A. MacKinnon.” Weird.

Meanwhile, Cain’s problems don’t have much to do with what Catharine MacKinnon thinks. But then, how much does, these days?

UPDATE: Thanks to reader Lois Brenner, I think this is the missing column.

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