November 1, 2011

#BOEHLERTFAIL: Media Matters Tweet Hack Eric Boehlert has reading comprehension problems revolving around this earlier comment of mine:

Would Jonathan Martin, Maggie Haberman, Anna Palmer and Kenneth Vogel have put their names on a similar piece, with no named sources, aimed at Barack Obama? Would Politico have run it?

Boehlert thinks this passage means I’m “fantasizing abt nonexistent sexual harassment charges vs. Obama” and wondering why the press doesn’t cover that. Actually, however, in this passage I’m fantasizing about Politico having journalistic standards, as should be obvious. (Hey, you’ve got your fantasies, I’ve got mine). This miscomprehension reveals a lot about how Boehlert thinks, though, to the extent that he does. Meanwhile Dan Collins offers Boehlert a non-nonexistent scandal to comment on. Those of you who tweet may want to bring this error to his attention. Dave Weigel also seems to have been a bit slow on the uptake here.

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