October 21, 2011

TIM CARNEY: Does killing a dictator make an illegal war legal? Only if you’re a Democrat.

Pictured here is a tweet from liberal blogger Markos, of the Daily Kos. It reads: “GOPers who criticized Obama’s approach in Libya … wrong again.”

The implication: If you objected to the President for illegally entering a war where vital U.S. interests were not at stake, you were wrong, because we killed Gadafhi. More briefly: Might makes right.

The liberal Center for American Progress made the same unliberal argument in August when Gadhafi lost control of the country, asking on twitter: “Does John Boehner still believe U.S. military operations in Libya are illegal?”

This disregard for the rule of law is particularly audacious because Kos and CAP helped bring Democrats to power by attacking Bush for his cowboy foreign policy.

Audacious, pathetically hypocritical, whatever.

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