October 19, 2011

GREEN FAIL (CONT’D): EU Leak Shows Wind, Solar Energy to Double Power Bills. “This will not make Europeans happy, and it is unlikely that American consumers will be lining up for a 100% electricity hike anytime soon. Those prices are also not going to help manufacturers stay competitive, and they are not going to boost the prospects of the electric car industry. But Europeans and Americans have money to burn compared to people in other parts of the world. India and China are not going to commit to this kind of cost structure; if the EU study is accurate it means that the developing world will never sign up to the ambitious energy targets northern greens want — and that means that no matter how high we jack up electricity prices in Europe and North America, carbon control efforts are doomed.”

Nice clean nukes, that’s what we need. No carbon emissions there. I can’t imagine why the Greens aren’t behind them 100%. I thought we had a carbon crisis.

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