October 16, 2011


The mainstream media’s cameras can’t get enough of these pierced protesters, with their crudely written signs proclaiming their unfocused discontent and general anger at society’s selfishness in failing to satisfy their every want and desire.

Of course, those cameras discreetly turn away when the placards demanding socialist revolution and blaming the Jews come out. The protesters’ function is to demonstrate inchoate outrage simply by being there. When they start talking, they start alienating the normals.

These are Potemkin protesters, community organized by government worker unions to allow liberal Democrats a way to triangulate to the center next year. Only the rebel media outfits will actually stick a mic in the protesters’ dirty faces and let them talk.

Indeed. Related: “Andrew Breitbart tweets a question: given the anything goes baseline established by the MSM when ‘reporting’ on the Tea Parties right from the start, ‘Which propaganda & guilt by association tactics that you use against TeaParty are off limits for us,’ when reporting on Occupy Wall Street and its myriad spinoffs?” All of them, of course. But simply letting the protesters talk seems sufficient.

And Reuters ran this pic, but I doubt many newspapers front-paged it as they would have a similar photo of masked Tea Party protesters proclaiming some sort of war — had any such thing ever happened. When lefties want to make the Tea Party fit their preconceptions, they have to make things up. When righties want to exercise their preconceptions about the Occupy movement, on the other hand, they just have to take a picture.

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