October 1, 2011

THOUGHTS ON KILLING ANWAR AL-AWLAKI: Richard Miniter is fine with it. On the other hand, Stephen Carter isn’t so sure.

There seems little reason to shed tears for Al-Awlaki, a human pustule of at least the second order. But the drone-killing business raises questions. The questions have less to do with the human rights of folks like Al-Awlaki, though, and more to do with fears of abuse in the future. Those require some due-process regulation, which should come from Congress.

Of course, to all those lefties who told us that Bush’s drone-kills were unnaturally evil and that Obama would bring change, well . . . eat it.

UPDATE: Professor Bainbridge: “If George Bush had killed Anwar al Awlaki … People like Andrew Sullivan and left-liberals (or is that redundant these days?) would be having a fit. After all, assassinating an American citizen without anything remotely approaching due process of law is stretching the bounds of lawful warfare to the breaking point. But because Barak Obama did it, it seems to be okay. Which is damned lame.”

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