September 18, 2011

WELL, NONE OF THE RULES OF JOURNALISTIC “ETHICS” APPLY WHERE SARAH PALIN’S CONCERNED ANYWAY: “So according to Erik Wemple of the Washington Post, it’s totally fair for journalists to cover stories about premarital sexual encounters that politicians had 25 years ago if they have supported abstinence education. . . . I think the argument is thoughtless and thuggish, but it’s also worth noting that Wemple has his facts wrong: Palin said that same year that she believes schoolkids should be taught about contraception. (Making this mistake seems to be a habit at the Washington Post.)”

Regardless of the actual Sarah Palin’s opinions, the Sarah Palin in their minds is staunchly anti-sex, making anything that the real Sarah Palin does fodder for hypocrisy accusations for not matching up with what the imaginary Sarah Palin thinks. Yes, this is really how modern “journalism” works.

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