September 17, 2011

IS THE OBAMA WHITE HOUSE A HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT FOR WOMEN? Or is that just the grumbling of affirmative-action babies?

So… is there something sexist about the Obama administration? Seems like Suskind came up with a great angle for his book, but I’m skeptical. I think Obama may have been overenthusiastic about giving a lot of positions to women, and perhaps those women really weren’t as good as the men he surrounded himself with and really does need to rely on. In that case, he deserves credit for good judgment. But it is funny that he’s not more concerned about the optics. Perhaps he assumes that he is especially appealing to women constituents and he doesn’t need to do much to maintain that favor. It’s the men he’s in danger of losing. Time for another round of all-male, manly golf.

And maybe a beer summit with a Medal Of Honor winner. Oh, wait. . . .

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