September 10, 2011

COWARDS TRY TO SILENCE THE PUBLIC: Horn-honkers cited at Kelly Thomas protest. “Drivers honking their horns near a ‘Justice for Kelly Thomas’ protest in Fullerton on Saturday were cited by police officers on suspicion of illegally using that vehicle feature, the Fullerton Police Department has confirmed. Thomas was a 37-year-old homeless man fatally injured after a confrontation with six Fullerton police officers. The incident is still under investigation.” Think they’d be issuing tickets if it were a support-the-police protest? I don’t. Miserable putzes.

Nobody respects you guys when you act this way. You merely take a crap on your badge and uniform. And when budget cuts come up — and they will — a lot of people who might have stood up for you will decide not to bother. Just so you know.

UPDATE: A reader who requests anonymity says that I’m wrong:

The protestors for Kelly Thomas have been numerous, loud and disruptive. The protest starts at 9:00 AM and goes until 3:00 PM every Saturday now since August – and the horns and the bullhorns and the occasional vvuzelas – are sounded almost non-stop. This is done in an area of businesses. There are also homes only a less than two blocks away. People in vehicles, often the same vehicles circling back through, do not simply honk their horn, they lay on the horn for a quarter of a mile or more. It gets old really, really quickly.

I would suggest looking at the comments on the OCRegister site, such as this one:


1:53 PM on September 11, 2011

I’ve read several posts below and as usual most are not able to stay on topic. For many, any retaliatory, illegal action is excusable. So the same thing that many are accusing these cops of, is the same way that many accusing posters have themselves been acting. It is a form of emotional insanity.

If I lived within earshot of FPD and heard CONTINUOUS horns, I would have called the PD and complained, as many residents have done. Protest if you must, but don’t ruin everyone else’s day by being inconsiderate and obnoxious.

or this one:


12:05 PM on September 11, 2011

The investigation is still on going. In time after the facts are ascertained people will be charged accordingly. It will go to court. It’s going to take time. Actually justice rather than the mobs perception of it, is not instant.

The FPD has bent over backwards to allow the irrational to stand out there and rant. every weekend. No justice, no peace, really? Guess someone was channeling Maxine Waters. The protests continued their merry way all day. They didn’t try to silence the bullhorn. Simply a few cars operated by morons who had no sense of respect for all the businesses and homes around the police station.

Sorry they aren’t just going to hand them over to you. Lynch mobs are so passe.

Further the guy they ought to be hounding is the DA though he doesn’t deserve it either, as hes doing his job.

The tragedy of this is the polarization that is occurring. At city hall meetings anyone who stands up and suggests that the FBI, etc., be allowed to complete their investigation is shouted down and booed by the protestors. Reminds me a great deal of the “civil discourse” in the political realm we see from too many liberals and their allies.

Okay, maybe I went off half-cocked here, against the background of so much “war against photography” stuff and misbehavior/side-taking by the police in Madison, Wisconsin. Or maybe not, but I should have allowed for the possibility. My mistake.

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