September 2, 2011

RECOVERY BUMMER (CONT’D): No Jobs Added In August. “The weakness in employment was underscored by revisions to the jobs data for June and July. Collectively, those figures were lowered to show 57,000 fewer jobs added.”

UPDATE: “It was the first time since World War II that the economy had a net zero jobs created for a month.” Hey, they don’t call him President Zero for nothing.

And note this: “Mr. Ryan chided the administration—which once predicted that the 2009 stimulus bill would hold unemployment under 8%—for now projecting that unemployment would remain higher than 8% for the remainder of Mr. Obama’s current term.” Yes, it’s good to keep pointing out that the stimulus bill didn’t deliver on Obama’s promises. Obama lied, the economy died!

And look at the horrific 16.7% number for black unemployment:

Reader Joel Mackey emails: “Looks like Paul Azinger is vindicated.”

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