August 8, 2011

BRITAIN: Riots Spread Across And Beyond London. Unlike L.A., there are no Korean shopkeepers with AR-15s to help contain the looting.

UPDATE: A BBC coverage page.

Plus, The Telegraph’s live coverage.

And some perspective: Democrats Continue To Accuse The Tea Party Of Terrorism As Leftists Burn London To The Ground.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader George Milonas writes:

The problem with comparing London and Korean shopkeepers is two fold. First, all the property owners and law abiding citizens have been disarmed. So unless a man is going to stab all these felons to death, there really is no self defense. And it’s hard to defend against flying molotov cocktails. And Second, the British Government has made it perfectly clear that they’re willing to incarcerate anyone who defends himself. They have proven this time and again by prosecuting the law abiding citizens who are afraid for their lives.

So in essence, the British government has effectively defanged their first responders in favor of their own police forces who are obviously inadequate to deal with this circumstance.

It’s wholesale surrender on a French scale.

The Gods Of The Copybook Headings avert their eyes.

MORE: Andrew Stuttaford: London Tonight. Plus, are U.S. media soft-pedaling coverage?

Well, as Walter Russell Mead noted, they’ve been soft-pedaling here already.

STILL MORE: “These riots could be Cameron’s Falklands War.”

Plus: “If he comes back from holiday, and it makes no difference, what’s the point of having a Prime Minister?”

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