August 4, 2011


During the debt-ceiling debate, the Tea Party was called everything from cannibals to terrorists. In reality, the Tea Party did far better at getting bipartisan results than the “Post-Partisan Uniter,” President Obama.

In just the last few days, Vice President Biden called the tea party “terrorists,” New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd called them “a maniac gang with big knives held high” and the Arizona Daily Star ran a cartoon with Obama ordering Navy SEALs to kill tea party congressmen. And that’s the civil stuff.

Meanwhile, pundits have talked endlessly about how dysfunctional and partisan Washington is thanks to the tea party radicals.

What was their sin? Well, near as we can figure, it was that the tea party managed to force Washington to confront a festering debt crisis that leaders had far too long ignored, and pushed for a credible plan that didn’t kill the economy with new taxes, all of which produced a deal that got huge bipartisan support.

Wouldn’t a better term for the tea party be “uniters”? This isn’t, after all, the first time the tea party has pushed an issue to a strong bipartisan finish.

It’s only unity and compromise when the right people get what they want.

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