July 27, 2011

BOSTON HERALD: OBAMA’S BASE PROBLEM — IN MASSACHUSETTS? “Even here in bluest Massachusetts, some of President Obama’s stalwarts say their support for the liberal darling is slipping — as a new poll suggests the numbers are plummeting in the president’s base and a call has emerged from the left for a primary challenge.”

I guess it’s time for another thrilling Insta-Poll! You can click through and discuss other prospects in the comments.

Who should be Obama’s Democratic Challenger?
Andrew Cuomo
Phil Bredesen
Jerry Brown
Dennis Kucinich
Rahm Emanuel
Barney Frank
Gavin Newsom
Mark Warner
This is above my pay grade, especially under the Obama Economy.
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UPDATE: Cuomo’s got a solid lead, but there’s this in the comments:

I’d like to see Obama 2007 vs. Obama 2010.

Someone should talk him into coming out of hiding- he won running against the same issues;

politics of fear, cronyism, transparency, corruption, economy in the tank, Gitmo, wars, hope, change, etc.,..


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