July 21, 2011

I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ONE GODDAMNED THING ABOUT MY CARBON FOOTPRINT: Michelle Obama Flies To Aspen and Back For Fundraiser Tuesday. “But those with Aspen ties aren’t done giving. First Lady Michelle Obama will arrive in our fair city a week from today, on Tuesday, July 26, for a luncheon to benefit her husband’s bid for a second term, according to the Chicago Sun Times. The first lady will be hitting up two ski resorts in one day, first stopping in Park City, Utah, for a breakfast before hopping a flight to Aspen. It will be a quick fundraising trip. She will promptly return to Washington, D.C.”

UPDATE: Reader Brad Sandy writes: “Glenn, Is the first lady traveling in any of the green approved modes or is she using the evil corporate jet to make two stops in one morning?”

I don’t think it’s an evil corporate jet. I think it’s a virtuous government jet.

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