July 7, 2011


While pundits and politicians haggle over whether alterations in the depreciation schedule of corporate jets will actually have an impact on the deficit, those in the general aviation trenches are furious.

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPO) President Craig Fuller told The Daily Caller that Obama’s comments have cast a pall over the industry, causing many who were considering buying a plane to back away from making a purchase.

“The industry has suffered terribly in the last two and a half years and it has just started to recover. Most of the signs were starting to look good,” said Fuller. “We are so angry as an industry and we have all come together to try to bring a more fair and balanced description to the debate.”

(Emphasis added to stress the impact of “regime uncertainty” on the market.) The economy was bad, and every time Obama opens his mouth he makes it worse.

UPDATE: Reader Bill Rickords emails:

Seems Obama is completely clueless on the aircraft industry…or his aides are. Here where I live in Wichita, KS the aircraft capital of the US we have over 44,000 employed in the aircraft industry in one city of 400,000. Located here in Wichita are the world’s leaders in aircraft building and maintenance, Boeing, Hawker-Beechcraft, EADS, Spirit, Cessna and many other parts makers, repair facilities etc. High skilled and highly paid. And then you have the attendant support industries, high tech machining, lasers, cabinet building, upholstery etc.

What foolishness on his part as a leader and President. Playing the usual Democrat ploy of envy, but this time at the expense of the US worker and possibly his own voter base. Indicates to voters here in the Midwest he knows little of working or their efforts to build such fantastic world class machines.

And guess what….most are his favorite pets, i.e.….Unions.

They are less than happy with his childish antics.

As they should be.

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