July 5, 2011

MICHAEL HILTZIK IS REALLY UPSET that BMW is laying off Teamsters. But it seems like a rational move, especially given the NLRB’s treatment of, say, Boeing. Better to sell out and outsource entirely.

UPDATE: Kim du Toit emails:

By Hiltzik’s own admission, the plain fact of the matter is that these BMW union workers were getting middle-class salaries for doing piecework. Amid all the “woe is us” stories, one attitude shines through: the unionized workforce expected a sinecure for their “loyalty” and are now devastated by finding out what we non-union workers have always known: employment is not guaranteed, and if you continue to ask for more money than the job is worth, you will eventually lose your job.

Wait till this realization spreads to the GOVERNMENT worker class…

And it will. We’re running short of other people’s money.

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