June 27, 2011

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: There Are No Socialists. “The strangest things about the global statist crack-up are socialists’ unhappiness with their socialist utopia, and their subsequent efforts to avoid the consequences of the very redistributive state that they themselves once so gladly crafted. . . . Indeed, statism is not a desired outcome, but rather more a strategy for obtaining power or winning acclaim as one of the caring, by offering the narcotic of promising millions something free at the expense of others who must be seen as culpable and obligated to fund it — entitlements fueled by someone else’s money that enfeebled the state, but in the process extended power, influence, and money to a technocratic class of overseers who are exempt from the very system that they have advocated.”

He observes: “History is not kind to such collective states of mind. . . . What stops socialism? I fear bankruptcy alone.” Well, then, we’re pretty much there.

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