June 27, 2011

MICKEY KAUS: “Andrew Sullivan (along with Ezra Klein and every other respectable center-left writer) believes the solution to the deficit problem will require a ‘balanced’ mix of budget cuts and tax increases. Of course it will. But that doesn’t mean the partial deficit cut package Obama negotiates now has to include tax increases. Why can’t we have a deal with just tough spending cuts (and some stimulative short-term tax cuts)? We can raise taxes later. Sullivan is guilty of punditism. He wakes up every morning believing he must have a full solution for each and every policy problem. Then the policymakers can implement these thoughtful solutions–sort of like pressing a button. Cuts and tax increases! Shared sacrifice! That’s the fair and responsible plan. Where’s my check?”

How about enact Bob Corker’s spending cap, and then let voters decide whether they’d like more programs, or lower taxes?

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