June 17, 2011

IN TEXAS? Judge Sentences Mom For Spanking Own Kid.

A judge in Corpus Christi, Texas some harsh words for a mother charged with spanking her own child, before sentencing her to probation.

“You don’t spank children today,” said Judge Jose Longoria. “In the old days, maybe we got spanked, but there was a different quarrel. You don’t spank children.”

Rosalina Gonzales had pleaded guilty to a felony charge of injury to a child for what prosecutors had described as a “pretty simple, straightforward spanking case.” They noted she didn’t use a belt or leave any bruises, just some red marks.

Really? We know the judge’s name — and I regard this as an utter dereliction of duty — but who’s the prosecutor who decided to bring charges? Both should be ridden out of office on a rail for this outrageous interference with parental authority.

And have you noticed that the same people who want to undermine parental authority — say by sending parents to jail for spanking kids — also demand a high degree of parental responsibility for things kids do, to the point of jailing parents when kids don’t go to school?

UPDATE: Reader Joe Rigney writes: “Sounds like a gubernatorial pardon might be in order. That would be one more plus for a Perry presidential run.”

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