May 11, 2011

LEFT OF CENTER, OFF OF THE STRIP: Ronald Radosh explains, “Why the New York Times Gets Everything Wrong: It’s the Left-Wing Bias:”

There’s no secret anymore as to why the paper has become worse than it ever was. The editors and writers are on the political left; and they are pompous enough to think that since everyone they know thinks the same way, what they are writing is objective. This is not to say that its bias is a relatively new thing. It’s just that in the paper’s heyday, you could find relatively straightforward top-notch reporting. But even then, on certain issues, there was very little difference between the editorial side and that of the reporters.

Of course, as William McGowan has discussed in Gray Lady Down, since Pinch began running the paper, it’s become top-heavy with editorial columnists whose personalities (Modo! Krugman! Friedman! And the soon to be departed Frank Rich) define the newspaper, rather than the actual news the paper generates. But even so, every once in a blue moon, the paper grudgingly concedes its otherwise immediately obvious biases.

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