May 5, 2011

MESSAGING FAIL: WaPo: White House Goes Silent On Bin Laden Raid.

Related: In Bin Laden Victory, Echoes Of The Bush Years. Yeah, their messaging was bad, too.

UPDATE: You can’t keep track of the changing stories without a scorecard.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Associated Press: Only 1 killed in bin Laden raid was armed.

MORE: Tariq Ramadan: Changing Osama stories ‘bizarre’.

I heard what the president, Barack Obama, was saying, that they wanted to bring him to justice. And then all these different versions and just very bizarre and weird that we don’t get a straightforward version of what happened.

And look at what is happening now in the Muslim majority countries, is that all the people are asking questions. It’s very strange and that we drop his body in the sea, against all the Islamic rituals and we are told the Islamic rituals and principles are respected.

Not ready for prime time.

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