May 2, 2011

ANN ALTHOUSE: Information from Guantanamo detainees made it possible to locate bin Laden. “How was this information extracted from the detainees? Obama scores the success of killing bin Laden, but did that success depend on interrogation methods that he has long condemned?” I rather doubt we’ll be told any time soon. But hey, I could be wrong. The “detainee” thing might even be a cover story to protect other sources of information. Hey, maybe it was really RFID tags implanted in those Taliban escapees that led us there . . . .

UPDATE: The Irony Grows Deeper – Key Intel Came From Enhanced Interrogations In Secret Prisons. I’m gobsmacked! But the original gobsmackee, Andrew Sullivan, is now celebrating Obama’s martial might. You go, guy. Glad you’ve found another warlike President you can love.

Related: Ed Morrissey: We can get the rest of Al Qaeda, too.

ANOTHER UPDATE: They told me that if I voted for McCain, we’d get a continuation of Bush’s wartime policies. AND THEY WERE RIGHT! And it’s a good thing.

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