April 30, 2011

DISCORD IN HARVARD’S EDUCATION SCHOOL: Protesters demand more emphasis on community organizing and “social justice,” less on practical training. I guess the higher education bubble news hasn’t gotten there yet. Much of the reaction in the comments, however, is pretty brutal.

On the other hand, the protesters must be a minority because the same place just gave Chris Christie a standing ovation.

UPDATE: Mike Stopa emails:

I saw Christie at Harvard yesterday. He got three standing ovations, actually. I knew it was looking promising when, 30 minutes before the speech the audience was already half full and discussions about Tea Party protests (for Secure Communities in Massachusetts) and the Wisconsin recount could be heard here and there. And I said I belong to the Northborough Tea Party and instantly had some new friends.

Anyway, here’s my take (on the front page of my site) including original pics.


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