April 25, 2011

Anti-DOMA, Pro-Clement: “It is gratifying to see that many of those who oppose DOMA have nonetheless praised Paul Clement’s willingness to defend the law, and his refusal to abandon the representation.” More here.

UPDATE: The Left Politicizes The Practice Of Law. “The law firm’s action was unusual, to say the least. No doubt there is precedent for a law firm abandoning a client because it comes under political pressure, but I can’t think of one offhand. Most lawyers think they are made of sterner stuff than that. . . . I have always been proud to be a lawyer, for one reason: even mediocre lawyers fight like hell for their clients. You may not have a friend in the world, but if you hire a lawyer you get his or her undivided loyalty. No matter what the rest of the world thinks of you, your lawyer is on your side. Period. And it is remarkable how often a lawyer’s vigorous representation of a client who was despised, and whose position was thought hopeless, has carried the day. When a major law firm like King & Spalding puts politics above its duty of loyalty to its client, it is a sad day for our profession and for our country.”

Well, they’ll attract more pressure in the future, now that people know that it works. That’s what happens when you give in to thuggery. And I’m sure present and potential clients are taking that into account.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Moe Lane: Speaking as one who thinks DOMA’s unconstitutional (but better than a FMA): I’d hate to be a lawyer for terror suspects right now.

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