April 22, 2011

THE NEW CIVILITY (CONT’D): Ugly Ivy Politics Preceded Suicide Of Popular Princeton Teacher: Friends.

He wasn’t PC enough for Princeton.

A vicious campaign to end the unblemished 10-year career of a popular but often politically incorrect Princeton teacher left him so despondent that he took his own life, brokenhearted pals said yesterday. Spanish teacher Antonio Calvo, 45 — who stabbed himself to death in his Chelsea apartment on April 12 — believed at least two graduate students and another lecturer were behind a poisonous political maneuver that robbed him of a contract renewal, two friends told The Post.

More here.

UPDATE: Princeton’s Spanish professor ‘killed himself after he was forced from job for being politically incorrect.’ “Devastated colleagues and students are blaming a campaign by another lecturer and several students for his death, saying they launched a hate campaign against him to get him ousted from his job.”

So is someone guilty of a hate crime, then?

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