April 21, 2011


Kloppenburg casts aspersions on bloggers as evidence of something worrisome going on.

Who are the bloggers? I’d like the links to the blog posts that support the statement! . . .

Kloppenburg is stirring up public suspicion of the vote-counting process. That is a very serious matter, especially for someone who aspires to a seat on this highest court in the state. She should be scrupulous about the way she presents facts and should not manipulate public opinion. If the evidence does not warrant mistrust, it is injudicious to stimulate mistrust.

Read the whole thing. It seems to me that Kloppenburg’s behavior throughout has demonstrated her unfitness for the bench. The voters of Wisconsin seem to have agreed.

UPDATE: From the comments:

It’s ironic that on election night when the totals showed her ahead by 200 votes, Kloppenburg instantly declared victory! 200 votes was enough to erase all doubt in her mind!

But after the official totals (not the erroneous AP-reported totals) came in, 7300 votes is too few for Prosser to have won.

Someone call her on this. Why was she so sure of the outcome when she led by so few votes, but now she demands a recount when she lost by 36 times that same amount?

Good question.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Advice from a fellow losing candidate.

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