April 17, 2011

FROM EVIL WAR CRIMINAL TO DEMOCRATIC HOPE: TX Senate Dem recruit once object of scorn for military interrogations. “A 2004 panel that investigated prisoner abuse found Sanchez, once the nation’s highest-ranking Hispanic officer, was derelict in overseeing Iraqi detention. According to a classified report by three Army generals, Sanchez approved the use of harsh military interrogation techniques that were once limited to prisoners held at facilities in Cuba and Afghanistan. The irony that Democrats who once raked the lieutenant general over the coals now view Sanchez as their savior will no doubt be a hallmark of the campaign.”

It’s like they never cared about this stuff except insofar as they could score cheap partisan points. Gobsmackingly vile.

UPDATE: Various readers expect to see Andrew Sullivan, Josh Marshall, etc. flacking for this guy. Well, stay tuned.

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