April 14, 2011

THE WAR AGAINST THE YOUNG (CONT’D): Teenage Wasteland: Jobless Rate For Young Is 25%—and Rising. “A quarter of teenagers were jobless in March, representing a surprising increase from February, even as the unemployment rate for the rest of the population decreased. This figure may only get worse if budget-strapped states raise the minimum wage, and it could also be a sign of greater structural damage underlying our economy, analysts said.”

UPDATE: Reader Tom Scott writes: “A surprising increase? Well, that’s certainly unexpected.” And reader John Eschenbrenner emails:

I can attest first hand to what the article said. My 17 year old son works at a fast food joint. Since getting hired almost a year ago, they have worked him as much as possible. He averages close to, but not quite at, 40 hours a week. The reason being, most kids they hire don’t show up when they scheduled, don’t work when they are there, and they mouth off to the management. And at 10 months or so, he has seen dozens of new people come and go.

The company doesn’t want to pay over $7/hr now for people who are not going to pan out. Raise the minimum wage any more than it is and you can expect the teenage unemployment to double or triple.

Lowered work ethic plus increased minimum wage = less interest in hiring. Unexpectedly!

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