April 8, 2011

MORE ON THE LEAKED REPORT ABOUT THE DOJ’S BLACK PANTHER CASE DISMISSAL: “In other words, if the New Black Panther Party says afterwards they didn’t like what happened in Philly, then they are off the hook. Take careful note folks, because Loretta King and Steve Rosenbaum never do this in any other case they bring. When the Justice Department sued Adams Mark hotels, or any of the other defendants they have sued, would a renunciation of employee behavior have satisfied the Justice Department? Of course not. In fact, the very same attorney, Steve Rosenbaum, pressed a case against a defendant in United States v. Aimco Properties when the defendants said they disclaimed the actions of an individual employee who used racial slurs. In fact, Rosenbaum and King forced a defendant who was no longer in business, and disclaimed the actions of the employee, to agree to a consent decree. It is all a question of which ox is getting gored.”

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