March 10, 2011

PROFESSOR JACOBSON: The Other Loser In Wisconsin: Law-Enforcement Credibility.

UPDATE: Death Threats Against GOP Legislators in Wisconsin.

ANOTHER UPDATE: The “mob scene” at the Wisconsin Capitol morning aimed at preventing the Assembly from voting.

Legislators can get into the building, but Republicans are being blocked from getting to their offices and into the Assembly chamber. It’s the Assembly that needs to vote on the bill that the Senate passed last night, leading to the renewed protests. Meade heard from a source that Democratic legislators unlocked at least one door that leads to the doors for a cluster of Republican legislative offices. That would appear to be part of a scheme to prevent the vote.

“This is what democracy looks like” — that’s the chant we’ve heard for 3 weeks. How do you like this new democracy, that has a mob storming the Capitol and, with the aid of the minority party, blocking the access of the majority party into their offices and into the legislative chamber? It looks more like anarchy to me.

Or desperation. From the comments: “Let’s be honest. This is what Fascism looks like.”

Plus this:

When the TPers lost in their attempt to kill Obamacare, they went to the ballot box and voted.

That’s what representative democracy looks like. Not at all like the theatrics we are seeing in Wisconsin.

You’re right Althouse. What this crowd is clamoring for is anarchy. They are playing with fire.

Indeed they are. As I said before, they’re as politically shortsighted as they are fiscally shortsighted.

MORE: The New York Times misses the story. Probably on purpose.

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