February 27, 2011

UBIQUITOUS VIDEOCAMERA UPDATE: Reader Paul Stinchfield emails: “With all the recent videos of leftists and union thugs assaulting Tea Party people, now seems like a good time for you to do another post on compact, easy-to-use video cameras. If it’s not on video, it didn’t happen.”

I think most people who are out marching or covering marches have a camera by now. But I like the Kodak Zi8 (which can take an external microphone) and the rugged, waterproof Playsport. And, of course, the old reliable Flip Mino.

UPDATE: Reader Richard Palmer emails: “Glenn, The advice to conservatives about recording everything is important. The fact that Sarah Palin did her interview with Katie Couric without bringing her own camera crew still amazes me. The stakes are just too high. Besides, the payoff could be huge.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Kevin Rahm writes: “Two cameras should be used when possible and three would be ideal. One to chat with the psycho thug, one about 10 feet away to record the thug punching a 5’1″ super girl and the third from a higher angle to put it all into perspective.” Yes, I’ve recommended the multi-camera approach myself in the past. The main camera should be conspicuous, the others less so.

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