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February 26, 2011

SO LAST NIGHT my brother Brad’s band Copper, which has been on hiatus for a while, put on a new show at the Valarium as they gear up again. My other brother Jonathan came down, and we went — along with my sister Katy — for a family musical reunion. (All pics taken with the Lumix –the old one, not the new one. I took the old one because a rock club is a high-threat environment for cameras. . . .)

A rare appearance by all three Reynolds Brothers at once:

Brad hasn’t lost his rock & roll moves:

And a good time was had by all.

For those unfortunates who weren’t there, here’s a song. It’s one of my favorites, and not just because of the cool bass-solo intro by my brother.

UPDATE: Reader Light Maleski emails: “I just bought their latest album. The kicker was the youtube video you posted. Perhaps you could post their MySpace page which has more music to listen to, after which I went to their website and bought the CD. I’ve been reading you for a decade, but this is the first I’ve bought or even really listened to music from Copper. They have a great sound.” Yes, they do. Here’s the MySpace link.

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