February 20, 2011

OHIO DEMOCRATIC LEGISLATOR ROBERT HAGAN calls black Tea Party supporter “Buckwheat.” But he says the remark wasn’t racist.

UPDATE: Reader Laurence Louden writes: “Buckwheat? Macaca? It’s only a story if the media says it’s a story.” I think it’s a story.

Meanwhile, reader Thomas Spaulding writes:

I suggest we test his claim out. Let’s have Hagan take a midnight stroll down the streets of fair Cincy and Cleveland and call all of the Black people he meets “Buckwheat”. Let him explain in between beatings that he’s been using that phrase “since he was a kid” and that it “has no racial connotation to him”.

Well, I’m certainly up for it. Meanwhile, the NAACP thinks “Buckwheat” is a racial slur.

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