February 18, 2011

HARDBALL: Wisconsin governor: If the fugitive Dems don’t come back, I might have to cut funding for their staffs. Hey, if they’re gone, who needs a staff?

Related: Wisconsin Education Association Council publishes home addresses of Wisconsin legislators. Oh, this’ll win friends. Or at least influence people. Now can we see a list of union officials’ home addresses?

UPDATE: Average Milwaukee Public School teacher earns over $100K/year.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Bill Marcy emails:

I took the list that the WEAC provided of the home addresses, which conveniently had the phone numbers also (As I am in NY), and made calls to all the Democrats on the list and was able to get through to 7 of the families and I asked them politely why their fathers/husbands would not go to work and do what they were being paid to do. Hilarity ensued.

I think, turn about is always fair play.


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