February 17, 2011

PHOTOS FROM WISCONSIN: How much respect did the demonstrators show for the State Capitol grounds?

“‘If I’m a GREAT worker WHY are you treating me THIS WAY?’ — an abandoned sign pleads.” More pics of trash at the link.

Plus this: “I attended the Tea Party rally at the Wisconsin State Capitol last year on April 15th, and I did not see a scrap of litter left behind. Participants not only took care to leave no trash of their own, they looked around and made sure no one else did.”

It’s the difference between acting like civilized people, and looters.

UPDATE: Reader Ronnie Schreiber writes:

Who but someone infused with the therapeutic self-esteem culture prevalent in our schools today would say of themselves, “I am a great worker”? Does Bob Dylan call himself a “great songwriter”? I hear people describing themselves as competent or skilled or that they work hard but I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone that was good at their job describe themselves in such lofty terms as “great”. Sure, I’ve done some great embroideries and the stuff that I write for pay can be pretty good as well, but I make far too many mistakes to say that I’m “great”. Yes, sometimes I’ll tell a customer that an embroidery is beautiful, but then I also will tell them when it’s not perfect as well. That’s just being honest. But characterizing myself as “great”? I’m far too familiar with my own flaws to do that.

Obviously, you need a union. And reader C.J. Burch emails: “Funny, the people that expect the state to pay their way act like this. The people that don’t, don’t. A sense of entitlement is an ugly thing.”

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