February 14, 2011

HUSBAND WANTS A VASECTOMY? Only with the wife’s permission! Where are our “reproductive rights” advocates on this?

UPDATE: A reader emails:

Found your post on how some doctors require men to provide their wife’s OK prior to a vasectomy to be truly appalling. I can safely report I had such a procedure (in Massachusetts) a few months ago and I had no such issues with my physician (not that it would have been a problem; my wife was actively encouraging me). But I’m pretty sure that I’d have been quite offended had my urologist demanding my wife’s John Hancock before putting his hands on my… oh, nevermind, I could make a very bad pun here.

On the subject of slogans, though, I think what we need is a catchy slogan to sear the idea of this injustice into the heads of the public. Something like “Keep Your Rosaries Off My Ovaries”. I would suggest:

“Keep Your Manacles Off My Testicles”


“No Legislation On Our Ejaculation”

Sounds like we could have a fun with this one…

Heh. And another reader emails:

I can vouch for that assertion. Had mine “done” in early 1996 in Florida. I was much chagrined to find out that my wife had to sign off on my electing to have one. Wondered then if it was a state requirement of some kind but was otherwise occupied to question it.

I’ve heard of this before.

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