February 9, 2011


Arianna has read the tea leaves. Progressivism, which was riding the crest of popularity on the election of Obama, is over. It is no longer good for business. And just as the stock market is said to be a leading indicator on business cycles, I submit Arianna’s track record has shown her to be a leading indicator on the zeitgeist. She knows when to get out. Obama, and by extension progressivism, is fini. It is best left to fringey looneys like Code Pink. Put simply: Progressivism is no longer good business.

Now this does not mean Arianna won’t tilt left publicly, at least somewhat. That’s what’s done in “polite society.” But in the real world of business, it’s over. Out with the healthcare crisis, in with divorce and Lindsay Lohan. Forget the puffery about “Citizen Journalism” coming to AOL. This is for show, to continue getting free content while suckering some of the old, disgruntled audience from the original HuffPo. This combination very well could succeed.


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