February 5, 2011

THIS MUST BE MORE OF THAT “SMART DIPLOMACY” I WAS TOLD ABOUT: Obama Administration Distances Self From Own Envoy to Mubarak. I’ve never been a fan of Frank Wisner myself, since my space-policy days, and I’ve never thought he’s a good choice for anything mission-critical. Apparently, I’m right again. But then, I wouldn’t have given him the mission. . . .

UPDATE: A reader points out that Frank Wisner was vice-chairman of AIG. Like I said, not a good choice for anything mission-critical. The reader adds: “I also doubt that he had much to do with the implosion; he was involved with the political side. However, it is an interesting connection that another former AIG exec has such a high position in the Obama administration (in addition to Holbrooke, a former board member). I am not trying to start a conspiracy theory, but it is curious.” The added links are mine, for background.

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